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This is evidence that background factors like age and ethnicity can also be involved in the imprinting process. Other than imprinting, another theory posits that we also tend to marry someone with character flaws identical to our parents because it represents to us a desire to resolve our childhood issues. Stephen Treat, the director of the Council for Relationships, claims that this is the most common for individuals who feel rejected or abandoned by a parent. However, there are caveats to what may appear like self-fulfilling prophecies. In fact, it might prompt some to actively look for someone diametrically different from a particular parent.

Would you marry someone like your parents? Connect with us on Facebook , Instagram , or Twitter! Sorry for the rant, but yes I do know how you feel. Yeah, I definitely would. At least then I'd be getting foot and back rubs all the time, someone to cook and clean with, someone to joke with, and ultimately someone that's into doing as many new things as possible. Knowing myself however I wouldn't know if I'd start a relationship with myself.

I'm currently going through a lot of change and the point where I'm going to stabilize isn't really in sight yet. Don't think I would want to deal with someone like that atm Not because I'm so egocentric that I think i'm the bee's knees, but simply because a female version of me would have the exact same interests. Same movies, same games, same favorite food.

Likes sex as much as me, and the same preferences kink-wise etc. I'd be great friends with someone like me, but for a relationship, I like women who complement and inspire me, not those who share my own strengths and weaknesses. At first I would say yes, but when thinking about it for longer I'd have to say hell no. It's really true what they say: If I was married to a girl like me we would worry all the time and never do anything impulsive, random, or fun. Overall, I think I'm great. But I'd prefer someone who has strengths to complement my weaknesses. On the whole no, if she was "like me" in terms of physical attractiveness.

I can barely deal with my own emotional bullshit, it would be insanely tough to deal with my own and someone elses. I'm working towards the stage where I would date someone like me.

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Similar personality would be a whole different story and I don't think I could stand another no focus, hyperlazy and occasionally egotistical moron. Tall, skinny, really excitable nerd? Fucking hell yes I would if we assume this someone is a girl in this case. I am 26, Yes I would date someone like me. I'm organized, thoughtful, mature, generous with my time and talents, empathetic, caring, good with kids and animals, tall, strong physically and emotionally , not addicted to anything, and generally law abiding.

Plus I don't think I'm too bad to look at, if a bit on the hairy side. Of course it would have to be a woman that was like me, not just a copy of me, I'm not into dudes. I think once I have completed my bike tour I'll be ready to try dating again. I don't think so, personally. I have a few flaws that I wouldn't like much. Maybe the good would outweigh the bad, but just not sure. For the age thing mentioned in the main post, I'm going to be 30 in a few months.

I'm a nice guy with a well-paying, stable job that cares about the people he loves and I like to think I'm pretty easygoing and willing to compromise on things. Nah, I feel like I'd enable a lot of the things I don't like about myself. I need someone who pushes me out of my comfort zone a little, exposes me to new things and forces me to be a lot more proactive about life to keep up.

I'm good fun without a lot of investment. I'm not pushy sexually and I communicate well. And I'm open to making a busy schedule work. There are things about my personality and my passions that need to be balanced out by a different temperament, but I wouldn't mind dating my female equivalent for a while.

Even as a means of introspection. I don't think it would be a negative experience, just one I probably wouldn't put a ring on. Otherwise we'd become eco-terrorists. Probably not, I'd find a lot of the things I do irritating, whereas my girlfriend finds them endearing. Someone like me would be a perfect match.


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Personality, same energy, introversion, someone that understands you beyond words. What's not to like. For example I'm kind of introverted and like staying at home so if I dated someone like me there's a big risk we'd only leave home to get food. Knowing my libido time would probably have be spent fucking and sleeping with occasional breaks to shower, eat, and watch our favorite shows.

I'm not really a slob or anything I just think that with another one like me we'd just bring out that lazy side more and more in each other.

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I am fortunate that I am not like my younger brother who found and is dating someone exactly like him though. Maybe now he realizes he could improve on himself a bit and treat people and family better. A lot of the traits that I like to think I have are what I'm looking for in a girl:. People call me a teddy bear, and I love it -I always want to improve myself in some way. I want to date someone who does the same -I don't think I'm a great looking guy, but I'm not unattractive, and I always work on keeping myself in decent shape and taking care of myself.

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The only thing that I don't like about myself in terms of someone I want to date is that I am sometimes too comfortable just staying at home and watching tv. I want to date someone outgoing who will force me to experience new things. How would I ever grow as a person? My wife has grace and compassion that I lack, and I'd never grow in those areas if I was with someone that couldn't encourage me with their strength in them.

That goes for plenty of other qualities I lack, and vice versa. I would not date someone like me in the sense that I'm pretty masculine and I like very feminine women, but I would like someone with a similar sense of humor. I am looking for a complement in a potential girlfriend.

2. You won’t get to learn as much from each other.

I want a relationship where we both make each other better, that wouldn't happen with a female version of me. We would end up just getting baked, eating pizza and watching trailer park boys. I would, but I believe we would butt heads too much. We'd probably have a pretty good time though. I dated a girl for a few months and people would always say that "we are the same person just in different bodies".

She was a tall sexy blonde chick, and I, a goofy half Asian dude. Look for someone with whom you have a great rapport. How long have you known this person? Let the person show more facets of themselves before dismissing them outright. Do they have things you deeply value? Part of giving the relationship a little time to grow is to see if this person has things you deeply value, and vice versa of course.

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  • What will help you grow as a person? I think of attraction like a trifecta; emotional attraction, intellectual attraction, and physical attraction. Intellectual builds the rapport, emotional keeps things stable, and physical provides the spark. Intellectual happens quickly, emotional takes time to see in full, and physical can be instant or arrive dead last.

    Dating Narcissism: Why We Look for Ourselves in a Partner

    Initial attraction is like the first chapter of a book. It means something; you need to feel interested enough to want to read on.

    That said, some books start slower than others. Give yourself, and the mysterious ways of attraction, a little time.