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Though me being a VIP subscription member, almost all the profiles are fake.

I nearly wasted money by subscribing to it. Literally the only things you can do without a subscription is view a few people's first display picture.


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Everything is to be paid for including sending messages! Looking at more profiles, and I'm sure other basic features i lost patience before i attempted anything else. No free trial either. This app is fake! I paid a month subscription which worked for a few days then stopped access, there are messages sent in my name that I did not write When I have written to the 'contact us' link it comes back as mailed delivery failure due to illegal host address. Do not pay any money on here I feel totally conned! Dating uniformed singles have never been this interesting.

Meet smart people here and even serious ones who are out to settle with someone they are aligned with.

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I have never posted a review through any apps through the App Store, but I felt I needed t9 comment on this particular app. This app is the worse I have experienced when it comes to online dating. I decided to join uniform dating as I am a student nurse and I wanted to meet someone who also worked and understood shift work.

Once I purchased the membership, I received more messages from guys, before I went into the message you could see like half of the message for example Hi, how are you? Where's the messages gone! Honestly a money scam and seems so fake like robots. Probably went online twice, such a waste of money. There's so many better sites out there that are free! Downloaded this for a laugh and even though I have deleted and cancelled account it is still taking money out of my apple account every week.

It is just a con an a scam for money would not recommend getting this app.

Online dating firm denies creating profiles to tempt clients - BBC News

Very hard to have a personal life in this line of work, this app makes it easy for us to meet people which, in another way, we might not be able to find. Personally, I cannot believe there are these many uniformed singles who signed up here but anyways, I am having fun chatting with them so what the heck. I wish there are more features which are made free so we can explore the app more before paying money. Nonetheless, enjoyed using the free features. I'm a nurse, he is a doctor. I found my perfect match here! This is a pretty interesting concept for a dating app.

Good ahead and check out. I wear a uniform and am looking for a match that wears one too.

Check out my profile. It's a bird, it's a plane You need to shell out some bucks but mine was worth it. Straight to the point. If you are looking for a Firemen, you get a fireman. As soon as I've joined I've apparently got loads of messages from women. As flattering as that is, is going to be untrue. I can't however read these enticing messages as I must pay. There are various places on the app and website that are trying to get money from you for different purposes. None of them seem to be a simple membership fee.

When you want a certain feature you will be asked to pay. That might not be the promised membership though. And if you do agree to pay it's an auto-renew payment obviously. I declined as it got faker and faker. I'm not going to put my heart through such turmoil to merely line someone's pocket. Also this app is poor at best.

It is nothing like the website. As an app you can't even say what uniform you are. Fake messages, fake profiles, money grabbing fat cat developers. I do not know why I cannot log back in. I have tried installating and uninstalling this app to no avail. Bet you can find your dream uniform date in a breeze. In normal dating apps, you need to filter out a lot of people if you are looking specifically for single women in uniform. This makes way easier. Uniformed singles have never been easy to spot. I receive lots of winks and flirtcasts regularly and it makes my day. After a hectic schedule, lifts you up knowing regular folks appreciate what we do.

Just your regular dating but with a twist. There is a drop down where you can place the profession of the person you want to hook up with and that's what makes this interesting.

I've always found men in uniform to be very charming and honorable and have since looked for an app like this. Found matches within my area so I am a happy camper so far. Tried this personal dating app to match a friend up. I know she digs our sailors and i made it happen. Are the members in this site real? I'm getting personal 'wink' backs but not sure if I should pursue them.

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I am dating a doctor member in the site but had a hard time communicating via the app at first because you need to pay before you can retrieve the messages. Poorly designed and frustrating to use. As a user you have little control. Honestly one of the worst apps I have ever used.

Dating site user Melissa Kite bombarded with messages from handsome men AFTER cancelling

Everything is blocked behind a paywall. Even the most simple things such as viewing a profile, sending a message, searching for matches. Majority of the users I'm convinced are bots not real as they send the exact same message and even at the same time. It doesn't even have the right geography, it doesn't recognise where I live Colchester a garrison town.

I am honestly disgusted this company is trying to rip off people in uniform who make this country a better place whether overseas or at home.