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By the fire to get a great date with the 21st century. Edit article how to stop dating losers is a specified geographic range. Everyday i discussed how possible. Seekers are people that are always interested in making new friends and tend to be people that are very comfortable socializing and going out with other people; they tend to be extroverts and actively are seeking and open to meeting new friends most of the time. Keepers have a large group of friends already and really have no interest in time for making new friends.

Maybe they're involved with family or work or their kids are young, and they're trying to hold onto the friends that they have. They'd be open to meeting new people, but they'e not actively going out and looking for them. And Nesters are the third group. They tend to be the people who are staying at home with one to two couples friends, and they tend to be more towards the introverted side of things. It's important for couples to be able to talk about what orientation that they have, what style they have of friend-making so that they can understand how they approach new friendships or old friendships.

We also came up with a continuum: Fun-sharing couples are couples who gave us responses like "I just want to have a good time, we just like to go out to have dinner, we like to bowl, or hang together" or something like that. People at the other end of the continuum said that they saw couple friends that they felt close to, or that felt like family.

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They were people that they looked up to -- that they shared values with. People can be Seekers or Keepers at another time, and the same thing with fun-seeking and emotion-seeking as well, depending on where they are in their lives, and what they have going on. What happens when one member of the couple is reluctant to socialize with couple friends? That came up frequently in our interviews. When we asked people about where they see themselves, sometimes a couple would agree and a number of times they'd say "Well, she's this and I'm that.

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The couples who we interviewed about this talked about how they had to learn to accommodate one another. The Seeker might have to calm down a little bit and take it a lot slower if they knew that their Nester husband was just not as interested and would not be able to be as out-there and involved as they were. So it really requires some negotiation and real accommodation, we found. Couples, when they first form, have to find out how to manage their time, and that's very difficult for couples these days where both men and women are working outside of the home, or working in the home -- whether it's a stay-at-home mother or father.

But where does a couple find time for each other, just the two of them? When does the guy or gal find time to be with their guy or girlfriends? And when do they find time for family and time to be alone without anybody, and then time for other couples?

A lot of the research that we've looked at talks about how couples define themselves early on by being around other couples. One of the things that couples told us is that they really liked sharing values and interests with the couples that they were friends with. So if you have opportunities to meet people in some type of situation or environment in which you could be sharing similar values or something, that might be good.

For some people, it might be a cause or a religious organization of some kind. Meeting people under those circumstances at least indicates that you have something in common, and something that you might be able to build on. The other piece of that is what we went back to before, recognizing if you're a fun-sharing or emotional-sharing couple.

If I'm one part of a fun-sharing couple, I'm not going to like hanging out with people who are more interested in being emotion-sharing because they're going to take the conversation in a way that may make me feel uncomfortable. And we found that fun-sharing couples may be open to sharing their emotions but they tend to do it more with their individual friends or with each other, we hypothesized -- so we don't know for sure.

If you're an emotional-sharing couple and you make friends with people and all they want to do is have fun, that's going to be an insufficient relationship for you.


I'd say that it varies greatly and we tried to capture that in the Seekers, Keepers and Nesters section of the book. There are people who maybe are content with just themselves, or maybe just one or two close couples, or family. We're not saying how many couple friends they should have and we're not saying that they should have couple friends. We think, in general, that friends enrich someone's lives but we can't really say that everybody should have friends.

That's not really our position that we can take.