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But what about our online dating. Subscribers should know, he is a massive nerd. The proof of that is the series Project Man Cave. He owns a lot of cool stuff in his Man Cave - for example the Terminator: He loves almost every Comic conventions and cosplay, so he decided to cosplay by himself.

There is of course a Cosplay series. He also enjoys the endless hords of little Lolis, especially if they are Girlz Und Panzer lolis which he regulary pens. Every time Jingles visits an exhibition, museum or another country he does a video detailing his findings. An example of this is the series Gnome vs Food. The Bovington Tank museum knows him as well, because he caused massive lines to meet him after he announced that he will be at Tankfest , the museum presumably made a lot of profit from his fans.

He adores the anime series Girls and Panzer. He says it isn't one of "those" Animes, it's absolutely safe to watch and the animations of the tanks are simply amazing.

In Project Man Cave, he shows statues and models of the show that he has bought. He believes It seriously is a well done series. Paul's favorite ship is, strangely, placed in the World of Tanks. As of October the 24th at 12pm London UK time. In episode of Mingles with Jingles. Jingles was engaged to marry Rita Gamer for a time but they cancelled their engagement in March Sign In Don't have an account? He is farming foolish, new workers for his salt mines with this seducing information of his channel: Contents [ show ].

There was just one tiny flaw with this otherwise perfect plan on the day. One of the launchers was broken and the other had a small but significant problem with its guidance system. As a military veteran, do you feel you have a different perspective on military and war themed games than the average civilian gamer?

‘The Mighty Jingles’ – An Interview | Armchair General Magazine - We Put YOU in Command!

Probably, yes, but there are military veterans and then there are military veterans. As a sailor you tend to either have very boring wars or very short and very interesting ones. If your ship gets hit it can get very bad very fast. When and why did you start uploading replays and videos? My first upload was around June You can see it at http: Well, the match I played was good, the video was awful.

I was using the free version of Bandicam—which meant the videos were limited to 10 minutes in duration—and Windows Movie Maker to edit.

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You can get pretty good results with basic software like that but I had no clue how to edit at the time. I started uploading as a way of saving my better World of Tanks matches so I could watch them again even after Wargaming. Do you have any idea as to why they would react that way? Is it just the way the internet is? I get things wrong. I took the book at face value and very quickly learned an important lesson about checking my facts before opening my mouth.

‘The Mighty Jingles’ – An Interview

The trolls had a field day with that one, but lesson learned—check my facts. The TOG is a terrible tank that is only useful in platoons of good players or played solo against very bad players. But no-one ever let anything trivial like the facts get in the way of an argument on the Internet.

I hate Justin Beiber with a passion that borders on the psychopathic but he never did me any harm personally. Did I really just compare myself to Justin Bieber?


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You seem to have come to the conclusion that World of Tanks and War Thunder Ground Forces are very different games in separate niches. What puts you in the mood for one versus the other? The thing I like about War Thunder is that if I want to just have a quick derp around, shooting everything that moves, I can play an Arcade battle and be done in five minutes. On the other hand if I want to spend twenty minutes scrutinising every bush for threats and moving carefully I can play a Simulator Battle. World of Tanks is different. Arcade battle in War Thunder can be very derpy, despite, or in fact because of the added realism.

At times, War Thunder can feel a bit random, as if knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of the various machines is secondary to just being the one to get the first shot off. World of Tanks is completely different. Do you play any other historical or strategy games? What about tabletop gaming?