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Continuing investigations on the reef system, which they have identified as Ribbon reef Type, have shown that the orientation and size of the sand cays have changed during and again during , thus indicating their dynamic nature.

Photos no proof of Ram Setu: NASA

Ram Mohan of the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Studies of the University of Madras, island chains, including seamounts, are frequent in the ocean and could be the result of various geological processes. The chains in the Philippines and Japan have, for example, been formed because of subduction related volcanism. In the Hawaiian islands, it is owing to the movement of lithospheric mantle over hot spots. It can also be owing to the opening of the sea during seafloor spreading along mid-oceanic ridges, as it is in Iceland, or along transform faults, as in St.

Island chains in the Caribbean and on the southern tip of the South American continent consist of sediments of marine origin formed by coastal processes, which cover the basaltic stratum and serve as substrate for coral reefs, which are exposed above sea level. This formation may have been initiated when the sea level was m below the present level, around 18, years ago, and was building up when the sea level continued to rise.

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Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Madras. The formation of barrier islands, which are common in the Atlantic coast, probably began around 25, years ago, he says. Based on available data, N. Ramanujam, Head of the Department of Geology of V. Chidambaram College, Tuticorin, has attempted to reconstruct the geological evolution of the region and its significant features. According to him, block faulting, subsidence and formation of elongated depressions with ridge separation are the characteristic imprints of the early geological history that are recorded in the Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar.

This, he points out, are characteristic of Precambrian basement rock before the Indian plate separated from East and West Gondwanaland about million to 70 million years ago. The northward migration of the Indian plate and its collision with the Eurasian plate and the transfer of stress in the northern converging zone towards the weaker triangular crustal end and the lateral forces enhanced the plume activity mantle upwelling at the southern peninsular side. The Cauvery basin, he argues, has thus been formed by the down-warping of the crust and the block faulting of the basement over millennia, resulting in the formation of several elongated depressions separated by ridges.

What was originally a paleosea between Mandapam and Rameswaram thus became a sandy deposit the salient extending about 40 km in the east-west direction. The detailing of the construction in the epic can be related to some scientific theories.

However, it is hard to believe everything through a mythological perspective. It is said that Rama's bridge was above the sea level. Even some historical records suggest that it was walkable till the 15th century.


Photos no proof of Ram Setu: NASA | tech reviews | Hindustan Times

Even theestimated depth is around 3 - 30 ft in the area of this causeway. Ram Setu as it was built by Rama and his army. It is said Nala Setu because it was Nala who was the architect designed the bridge in Ramayana. The name Adam's Bridge comes from some ancient Islamic texts referring to the Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka Adam is suppose to fallen in this part of earth.

Could This Be The Legendary "Magic Bridge" Connecting India And Sri Lanka?

Scientific studies reveal that it is a linear sequence of coral reefs or the limestone reefs. According to science, it is a naturally formed causeway which connects the Pambam Island to Mannar Island. Eventhough, the Adam's Bridge is inside the water the ships cannot sail on it.

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The water here is shallow with the level of depth varying at certain points. Hence, ships from India have to take another round about route to reach Sri Lanka. The studies of Oceanography suggests that the bridge is years old.

Interestingly, the carbon dating of beaches near Dhanushkodi and Mannar Island sync with the date of Ramayana. Setu Samudram Project is a proposed bridge to build over the Palk Strait. Hindus believe that Ram Setu is a holy site and hence no other man-made bridge should be constructed over it.

As seen from science perspective, this might destroy the natural reefs which has existed in the sea from a long time. The controversy over the Sethusamudram canal project had got a new lease of life on Wednesday when Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists blocked roads all over India to protest the project that, they say, will damage Ram Setu. The same day, the government submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court in which the Archaeological Survey of India ASI said there were no historical records to prove the existence of a manmade Ram Setu. The Ramayana says Lord Ram's army had built a bridge across the sea to Lanka now Sri Lanka on their way to battle the demon king Ravana.

The affidavit prepared by ASI had gone on to say there were no historical records to prove the existence of Lord Ram either, sparking off a furore with the BJP alleging the affidavit had hurt the faith of millions of Hindus and the government scrambling for damage control with the promise that it would "amend its mistake" and submit a fresh supplementary affidavit to the Supreme Court on Friday.

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